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What is Reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic modality based on the unique relationship of the foot to referred areas of the anatomy. These are called Reflex Zones and the zones of the foot refer to all of the organs, glands and systems of the body.

Reflexology is known to be more than 4000 years old.  Paintings have been discovered in a tomb in Egypt showing an actual Reflexology treatment in process.  The Chinese have used Reflexology since the 4th Century BC.

Although, it works on a similar principle to acupuncture, Reflexology is entirely noninvasive.  Instead of using needles simple pressure is applied through the fingers to the minute reflex points and around the feet and hands.  This in turn, has a stimulating effect on specific parts of the body.

The aim of reflexology is to correct the three negative factors involved in the disease process: congestion, inflammation and tension. Congested conditions are responsible for the bringing about growths.  Inflammatory conditions are those such as colitis, bronchitis and sinusitis.  Tension is responsible for lowering the efficiency of the immune system.

Whether you have a chronic or an acute health problem or you are simply looking for a way to reduce tension. Reflexology may be the answer to your problem.



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